About us
“We exist to reduce the consumption of new products”

RESPONSIBLE’s vision is to reduce the harmful production and consumption of new fashion. To make this a reality, we need to make shopping used fashion a better experience. This starts with our goal of making it ridiculously easy for anyone to sell fashion and keep as much good product in circulation, whilst levelling-up the experience of shopping these goods on the other side.

Our story
Pioneering new ways to get good fashion back into circulation.
Founded in 2020, RESPONSIBLE’s mission has always been planet focused. We envision a world where resale rivals buying new, our deserts are no longer full of unwanted clothing, and fast fashion has been kicked to the curb - we know that by working with our customers and building tech to solve this problem, we can bring this vision to life. We started out life partnering with brands, and helping them and their customers recirculate no longer used fashion. Now, our aim is to simplify the process for everyday individuals to declutter their wardrobes and pass on unwanted clothing to those who seek it.
Our vision is the bedrock of our long term sustainability commitment. Beyond this, we want to make sure we are truly the responsible choice for anyone choosing to clear out. We are committed to preventing any items of fashion from ending up in landfill.
RESPONSIBLE is home to dreamers and doers who are building technology solutions for the second hand fashion around the world. Join us in our mission to make fashion more sustainable.
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