Technology to transform the secondary market.
RESPONSIBLE leverages technology to make it easier for people to sell or donate unwanted goods. We protect the planet by extending the life cycle of pre-loved items and reducing the need for new production.
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Selling unwanted fashion is laborious

Fashion brands, retailers, and everyday people find it difficult to clear out and gain value from used or unwanted fashion.

Clearing out a wardrobe or store room begins the onerous task of signing up to at least one marketplace, listing each item individually, deciding the price to sell, and dealing with multiple people haggling on each item (if you are lucky).

Become the world’s most efficient engine for increasing the supply of secondhand goods.

We buy in bulk and use AI to identify, price, and autolist each item to sell in a short time frame on various marketplaces. Our end-to-end technology platform brings scale to listing single items and makes it easy for individuals, brands, and retailers to declutter for cash.

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From closets to store rooms.
On the front-end, our technology enables individuals, brands, and retailers to clear out closets and warehouses of unwanted goods. We use image recognition to sort items and offer a buy price for the items we are willing to acquire.
Fuelling secondary markets.
On the back-end, our technology translates each identified image into a rich database of content for our AI engine to create a beautiful and compelling marketplace listing.
Listings made to sell.
We fuel marketplaces with products optimised to sell. We do this by relying on our pricing engine to shorten the sales cycle and auto-tagging each item for discovery.